5.6_Foam Rolling the Posterior Shoulder

5.6_Foam Rolling the Posterior Shoulder

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Alt Vücut Antrenmanı

Kettlebell Swings 1
Split Squat 2
Slide-Board Lunge 3
Cross-Reaching Single-Leg Straight-Leg Deadlift 4
Cable Loaded Single-Leg Straight-Leg Deadlift 5
Stability Ball Leg Curl 6

Köpük Silindir ve Streching Drilleri

5.1 Foam Rolling the Gluteus Maximus and Hip Rotators
5.2_Foam Rolling the Low Back
5.3_Foam Rolling the Upper Back
5.4 Foam Rolling the Tensor Fasciae Latae and Gluteus Medius
5.5_Foam Rolling the Adductors
5.6_Foam Rolling the Posterior Shoulder
5.7_Foam Rolling the Pecs
5.8_Box Hip Flexor Stretch
5.9_T-Spine Drill 2
5.10_T-Spine Drill 3
5.11_Ankle Mobility Drill 1
5.12_Ankle Mobility Drill 2
5.13_Hip Mobility Drill 2
5.14_Hip Mobility Drill 3
5.15_Floor Slides

Dinamik Isınma

5.16_Backward Lunge Walk With Hamstring Stretch
5.17_Backward Straight-Leg Deadlift Walk
5.18_Straight-Leg Skip
5.19_Lateral Skip
5.20_Cross-Over Skip
5.22_Lateral Crawl
5.23_Shuffle Wide and Stick
5.24_Shuffle Quick and Stick
5.25_Cross in Front
5.27 Scissors
5.28_Hip Switch

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Bright Cove 17
Bright Cove 2
Bright Cove 3
Bright Cove 4
Bright Cove 5
Bright Cove 6
Bright Cove 7
Bright Cove 8
Bright Cove 9
Bright Cove 10
Bright Cove 11
Bright Cove 12
Bright Cove 13
Bright Cove 14
Bright Cove 15
Bright Cove 16
Bright Cove 1

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9.1_BrightCove 16x9
9.2_BrightCove 16x9
9.3_BrightCove 16x9
9.4_BrightCove 16x9
9.5_BrightCove 16x9
9.6_BrightCove 16x9
9.7_BrightCove 16x9
9.8_BrightCove 16x9
9.9_BrightCove 16x9
9.10 BrightCove_10 16x19
9.11_BrightCove 16x9

Olimpik Kaldırış

10.10_Single-Leg Clean or Single- Leg Snatch
10.9_Single-Arm Dumbbell Snatch
10.2 Close Grip Snatch
10.1 Hang Clean

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8.1_BrightCove 16x9
8.2_BrightCove 16x9
8.3_BrightCove 16x9
8.4_BrightCove 16x9
8.5_BrightCove 16x9